Meet the best tourism marketing team in Mt. Shasta California.

by Joanne Steele on July 30, 2009

berryvale team
Here they are, the frontline workers at Berryvale Grocery in the town of Mt. Shasta, California. Their jobs, if you walk into Berryvale any day of the week, are to stock shelves, help you find the location of the organic kosher pickles and to check you out up front – a typical small town grocery store.
But the difference is that the management, Robyn, Tim, Belinda, Melinda encourage their staff to be ready to answer all those question frontline people field every day in small tourism destinations:
Where is a good place to eat?
What is there to do around here?
Where can we find vegetarian food?
Does any motel accept pets?
…. And on and on. These workers pride themselves in being able to answer just about any question tossed their way by visitors. They are the unsung heroes of Mt. Shasta because almost no other business in town is aware of the great customer service they provide.
What would happen if every business owner in the whole town were as visionary as Robin, Tim, Belinda and Melinda, and every frontline worker was encouraged to have an answer for all those important visitor questions? What kind of impression of the town would this high level of customer serve provide?
Berryvale is packed with visitors all season long. The town has a good visitor center open 7 days a week, but asking questions of locals in informal situations seems more authentic to visitors. Berryvale provides that authentic experience, capturing people where they are with info they think to ask about in the moment…at the checkout stand.
Berryvale knows that having a friendly staff well informed about the area is good for business. Visitors come back to Berryvale when they return to town on their next vacation. They tell their friends too.
But there’s more. Robin, Tim, Belinda and Melinda are very civic minded. They know that what they do has a positive impact on the whole town. Happy visitors stay longer, and are more likely to return. People travel to Mt. Shasta hoping to have a “rural experience.” They want to do what the locals do, go to the local’s favorite places and learn as much as possible in their short stay. The Berryvale staff contributes to that experience everyday.
Thanks guys! You’re a model of rural marketing success and excellent customer service!

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