Set Up Google Alerts to Track Online Comments About Your Business

by Joanne Steele on September 23, 2009



In Small Town Motels, RV Parks and B&B’s! You Need More Than A Static Website To Compete, I suggested that you google your business to see what is being said about you in online review sites.

You can set up a Google Alert, a free service to regularly check for new reviews and information published online about your small business.

Here’s how to set up Google Alerts:

If you already have a Google account, sign in with your Gmail address and password.

If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll need to set one up.

Go to Google, and click on “sign in” on the right top corner. This will take you to the Google Accounts page. Click “Create an account now.” Follow directions and you’ll end up with a Google screen, and your new Gmail address up in the right hand corner.createacct

I know, you already have an email address and don’t want another! If you don’t want to receive email here, don’t give out this address. You will receive your Google Alerts here and nothing else.

Having a Google account will open up access to all of the free Google services including Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and more. Over the next year, we’ll talk about each of these and how they can benefit your business.

Finding the Alerts option:

Click on the “more” in the upper left. A list will drop down. Click “Even More” which will take you to the “More Google Products” page.

googleproducts“Alerts” is the first option under “Search” in the left hand list. Click “Alerts”

On the next page, fill out the “Create a Google Alert” box. Enter the name of your business. Leave the “type” as “comprehensive” which will give you all mentions of your business in news, blogs and web sites. Have your alerts delivered to your Gmail box. Click “Create Alert.”

You will now see your Google Alerts page. It is easy to manage your alerts from this page. Add new alerts for your town. Set up using search words you believe people might be using to find you. You’ll learn who your competitors are. You’ll find blogs where your industry is being discussed.

managealertsCheck your Gmail box daily to read your alerts. If a particular word or phrase gives you unnecessary information, go back to your Alerts Page and delete or modify the alert.

By putting key phrases in quotations, you can often limit extraneous results.

You already know how to keep track and respond to reviews. Tomorrow we’ll talk about using your Google Alerts results to drive more relevant traffic to your web site.

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