How to Find Your Customers on Twitter Then Add Them To Your New Lists

by Joanne Steele on October 30, 2009



twitterLast week I discovered a blog post that outlines an easy and logical way to find and follow prospective customers on Twitter for you town and business.

Thank you Bill Denmark! I can’t think of a way I can improve on his clear and simple instructions, so please go to “Searching Twitter for Tourists is Easy” at Tourist Tracker News, and follow Bill’s instructions.

As you increase your number of prospective customers using Bill’s method, organize them using Twitter’s brand new list function.

Twitter Lists are so new (rolled out today!) we are all experimenting to find their most valuable uses. Here’s how you can start.

  • Organize by interest area or create relational groups.
  • Organize by frequency of tweets – get those frequent tweeters onto their own list so you can see what your less loquacious tweeters are saying.
  • Create broad categories such as friends, family, business.

I’ve set up lists using a combination of the above.

  • I have set up a DMO’s group for the chamber and CVB’s that often post great info only once a day.
  • My “tourism marketers” group post more frequently and often include valuable links I regularly check out.
  • The “online marketing” group is for people I’m following who sometimes tweet valuable links and info for small tourism businesses. They are often the most frequent tweeters.

Set up your own lists in a way that will help you use Twitter more effectively.

Here’s how to get your lists set up

  1. Click “Create a new list” It’s at the top of your Twitter home page right now but will probably move to the sidebar soon.
  2. Enter the name of your list in the box, click “pubic” or “private” and then click “Create list.” This will take you to the page where you can populate your list.
  3. Click on “Following” in the sentence under the “Find people to add to your list” box to get to the people you are following.
  4. To the right of each person on your “following” page is the list icon. Click it and you’ll see your lists with a check box next to each. Check each list you’d like to have that person on, and scroll to the next person.

You can add new lists as you go, returning automatically to your place on your following page.

For those of you who are following a zillion people, this process might take a while. But tackling it will feel as good as when you take time to sort that nasty pile of papers on your desk into your organized filing cabinet.

Now that I have my lists set up, I doubt that I will ever spend time at my home page again!

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