Small Town Tourism Businesses, When Creating Or Updating Your Web Site, Think Globally

by Joanne Steele on October 21, 2009


Bratty Bulls 3
Creative Commons License photo credit: Fiona MacGinty Where in the World Are You??

I spend lots of time on the Web looking at what’s happening in the rural tourism industry worldwide.

The problem I run into everyday that might be a serious problem for your potential customers is knowing exactly where you are!

Whether you’re from Lowestoft, Suffolk or Clinton, IN or County Monaghan or Junagadh district located in Gujarat, you’re missing an easy free marketing opportunity by not including your country!

You are in an industry of worldwide interest. You are on the World Wide Web which brings your information to people everywhere.

As a rural destination most of you focus your major marketing efforts regionally. That makes sound sense.

But this is your big chance to market FREE to the whole world just by adding better information to your web site about where you are.

Add your country to all online references to your location. Ask your local newspaper to do the same.

What short locater phrase could you use to help people unfamiliar with your state and country to understand where you are? How close are you to an internationally known metropolitan area? What part of your state or province are you located in?

By including information about your location you are inviting visitors to add you to a trip planned to your general region.

…and its free and simple to do.

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