How to Use FREE Online Survey Tools to Learn What Your Customers Want and Need.

by Joanne Steele on November 3, 2009


surveymonkeyYou make decisions everyday based upon what you THINK your customers want whether you are a Chamber designing next year’s visitors’ guide, or a small business buying store supplies.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask them what they want and need?

Well, you can! And the Internet makes asking easier then you ever thought possible.

All it takes is that email list you’ve been collecting online and in your business or CVB guestbook and an online survey program.

Creating your online survey is easy and free if you keep it short – under 10 questions.

I use Survey Monkey, but there are many others you can find by googling.

Here’s how easy it is using Survey Monkey.

Go to and create a basic free account.

Then click on the Create Survey tab at the top and follow the directions.

You will be able to design a range of question types. To get a better idea of what each looks like, click on the “question examples” before selecting your first question type.

You will be amazed at how this program will allow you to drill down into your customers’ preferences!

I’ve created a short survey to give you a feel for what your customers will experience.

Take it here Click Here to take survey

You can set a closing date for your survey, and view an analysis of all answers by all participants.

You’ll notice features that are available for paid subscriptions, and if you find yourself using Survey Monkey or any other survey tool often enough, you might decide to pay to get the additional information.

But… to begin with, it’s FREE, easy and valuable.

Have fun and let us know how you’re using surveying to improve your business effectiveness or to save money.

Oh, and by the way, I’m not affiliated in any way with Survey Monkey – I just like their service a lot!

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