More FREE Web Site Promotion Options and Why You Should Take the Time to Use Them

by Joanne Steele on November 5, 2009


freeHere’s why:

1. They’re free.

2. They are options people will use to find you, and many of these services come up well on search engines. We don’t think twice about the importance of being listed in our local telephone directory. We need to be just as aggressive about being listed in online directories.

3. We all need to adjust to the growing reality that people are using the Internet rather than paper telephone directories.

4.  Just when you and I are getting around to optimizing our web pages, everything is changing again! People are using mobile technology to do more and more. These online directories are going to help you get your business info where people are searching using their Blackberries, Palms and IPhones.

5. And remember THEY ARE FREE!!

Here’s how:

Expect to spend an hour or more to get yourself on each of these directories.

To expedite things, write a 25 to 30 word description of your business that you can copy and paste. Create a short list of products and services as well.

Be ready for a little “trial and error” to find the appropriate category for your business. A number of them have categories and sub categories to help you drill down to the most appropriate location for your business listing.

Many of these have both a free and fee option. You might have to search a bit to find the free option – they are anxious to sell you an expanded option. If you’re finding that you are getting lots of traffic from a particular listing, you might consider upgrading to a paid listing to enhance your presence.

If you have discovered any good free listings we haven’t covered in our series of freebies, please let us know.

Here’s where: – This is a really important one. Do this first.

1 jenny andreson November 27, 2009 at 9:24 am

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