Listen to what National Public Radio Reported About the Success of Niche Business Clusters

by Joanne Steele on December 11, 2009

An avenue of stores crammed into the fabric souq in Cairo, Egypt

An avenue of stores crammed into the fabric souq in Cairo, Egypt

I had hardly finished uploading yesterday’s post including ideas for attracting specific niche markets, when National Public Radio’s All Thing Considered came on with this interesting segment, Why Clusters Of Like Businesses Thrive.

It works in big cities, as this radio segment discusses, and will work in small towns where we all need to get a handle on the idea that by building business clusters we grow the pie of potential customers. There are many more “slices” but the pie is so much bigger, each business prospers.

Of course it’s marketing that attracts visitors that makes clustering in small towns work. That’s rural tourism.

Oh, and enjoy the accompanying picture and link, Shopping at a Souq, to my travel blog from last year’s trip to Egypt. There, all shops are clustered. You go to the material souq for fabric, the tent souq for needlework items and tents, the leather goods souq for purses and wallets and on and on.

They all seem to be making a decent living, and you never forget why you’re there!

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