New Year’s Resolution: Do Not Let Your Small Town Die!

by Joanne Steele on December 21, 2009

The recession makes things look and feel worse in small towns, because the commercial vacancies stare us in the face every time we head to our one or two block downtowns.

Community spirit and hard work are keeping this small town prosperous

The asset that we have, the main thing that can pull us out of this recession in one piece is community. Our shopkeepers and insurance agents are our friends and neighbors. We may attend church with our police chief and our child’s teacher.

It’s so obvious that we take it for granted, but as this news story points out, it is our power.

Read some good news from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

In their article on the revitalization of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, US, they quote a census bureau statistic reporting that 1.7million people move to small towns every year.

The article goes on to detail all the great things we all know about small town living. It also talks about how Internet technology improves people’s opportunities for relocating to small towns. Great. We all know this.

What caught my attention was this quote from Dr. Albert Luloff, a professor of agricultural economics and rural sociology at Penn State University.

He said, “As long as people care about each other and the place that they live, they can do pretty much anything. People must have the attitude that ‘This is our community, and we don’t want it to die.’ When they take ownership, it works.”

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