What Georgetown, Colorado Can Teach You About Successful Small Town Historic Districts

by Joanne Steele on December 22, 2009

I’m scouring the Internet for upbeat stories this week and came across this article about Christmas in Georgetown, Colorado, US.

Christmas fun in Georgetown, Colorado

What a great mix of enticements: wonderful white elephants available at the Christmas Market, horsedrawn carriage rides through their historic district, soda fountain ladies telling stories about the town, and great locally made food!

These are things that any small town with a reasonable historic district could duplicate, adding their own unique ideas.

I dug a little further to learn more about preservation and marketing projects they are doing. The link in the article to their historical society is wrong – instead go to historicgeorgetown.org to learn more about this highly successful organization.

Again, you and your town can do some of these things.

I followed another important link to the National Parks Service web site referring to Georgetown’s efforts. When you check out this site, take it further and click the link to Certified Local Governments,  Preserve America and the National Historic Landmark sites.

As Georgetown, a town of 950(!) has aptly demonstrated, these national and state historic designations are worth their weight in gold! With them, you can apply for and receive grants to help you work on your own historic district.

Please let me know how your town is doing on historic preservation and development of your downtown historic district.

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