Nine More Ways to Support Your Small Town Chamber of Commerce

by Joanne Steele on January 7, 2010

In early October I wrote a post, 25 Ways You Can Support Your Small Town Chamber of Commerce So That They Can Support You. I got stuck at #16, and asked for you help to finish the list. Thanks to Dunsmuir, California and Centerville, Tennessee, the list is finally complete.

Grinder's Switch Radio Hour set at the Hickman Chamber office

Centerville Chamber office, home of the live radio show, Grinder's Switch Radio Hour live online every Saturday morning.

Here are numbers 17 through 25. Click the link above for  the October post with 1 through 16.

Make it a New Year’s resolution to implement some of these actions. It will help your chamber, your business and your whole town.

17. Share your experiences of chamber or community best practices that you have observed working well in other communities.

18. Take advantage of those special marketing opportunities the chamber creates.

19. Support your chamber’s visitor info and relocation marketing efforts with advertising and by displaying your materials in their office or visitor center.

20 Keep your business information updated. When things change, call instead of waiting for someone from the chamber to call you.

21. Refer your customers to other chamber members and tell the other businesses that you’re doing it.

22.  Become a sponsor of one of your chamber sponsored small town events.

23. Display your chamber member certificate or sticker prominently in your business.

24. Become an extension of your chamber’s visitor information center by keeping current on what to see and do in your town so you can answer visitor questions.

25. Give your chamber office workers a complimentary meal at your restaurant, adventure with your company, tour of your lodging, or a gift from your shop to help him or her be able to better describe your business to visitors.

Have we missed something? Let us know. Chambers are so important to small towns, let’s try for 50!

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