THE BIG SECRET to Successfully Marketing your Small Tourism Business

by Joanne Steele on January 18, 2010

Good Medicine by Freddy the Boy (link below)

Good Medicine by Freddy the Boy (link below)

This weekend I read something from my favorite online marketing and copywriting guru, Sonia Simone, that takes the idea of marketing to customers’ needs to a whole new level.

She declared that ultimately, we buy because it makes us feel better about ourselves.

“Wow,” I thought. “It can’t be that simple!”

I tried it out on myself for recent travel purchases. Last year my husband and I took a three-week tour of small towns in the Western US and Canada, talking to business owners and chamber people.

“So,” I asked myself, “How does THAT have anything to do with feeling better about myself?”

“Because,” I realized,  “It expanded my understanding of small town needs beyond the region I have worked in for the past 14 years.”

“But really,” I asked myself, “Why would I do that to make me feel better about myself?”

“Because at the end of the day,” I concluded,  “IT MADE ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF as a problogger and authority on rural tourism marketing! Yes!”

I analyzed several other travel decisions, and it worked every time.

This little secret can revolutionize your marketing.

If you’ve already downloaded, Marketing For Free in 2010. Creating a Small Town Tourism Marketing Plan That Works!, and completed your Perfect Customer Profile, you realize how much you know about The Person who your business depends on, your Perfect Customer. ( If you haven’t downloaded it yet, sign up on the form on the right.)

Those details show how your business can make your Perfect Customer feel better about herself.

Your business is Good Medicine that makes your Perfect Customer feel better about him or herself as a person trying to give her child more quality time, or reconnecting with his wife, or discovering something new, or finally wearing those expensive waders he bought 2 years ago, or just resting!

Your Marketing Message should sell how your business will make your Perfect Customer feel better about himself.

You’ve dedicated your life to making your small town tourism business work because you know what you do is good for people. Glenn Livingston of Pay Per Click Search Marketing says, “… in the long run if you’ve got good medicine, it’s better for everyone if you sell more of it.”

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