Small Town Tourism Marketing For Free in 2010

by Joanne Steele on January 6, 2010

Between Christmas and New Years I pulled out the stops and produced my first e-book, Marketing For Free in 2010, Creating a Small Town Tourism Marketing Plan That Works.

In a previous post I promised something revolutionary, and I think you’ll find this will meet any expectations I created with that statement.

It includes an easy way for you to do a simple financial assessment that should be the basis for your marketing efforts. I’ll be referring to that assessment in future posts, so be sure to sign up and download the book.

It is also practical, taking into consideration both your time and your budget.

And it blends offline local marketing actions with an online plan that you create based on what your customers are doing online.

One of the things I don’t talk about is your web site. I’ve worked with too many small town tourism businesses that are dragging their feet about Internet marketing because they don’t have the time and resources right now to update or build a web presence .

Every rural tourism business needs to be online, and this marketing plan will help you achieve that regardless of your web site situation.

Please, sign up for our monthly newsletter and download the e-book.

Keep in touch about how this plan is working for you. Your comments and insights will be of great value to other small town tourism businesses.

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