10 Reasons That Small Town and Rural Tourism Businesses Should Encourage Online Reviews

by Joanne Steele on February 17, 2010

I know, I know. I keep talking about online local review sites, but here’s why.

  1. They’re free advertising for you.
  2. They are what people are using to help make travel decisions these days.
  3. They give you an opportunity to turn satisfied customers into loyal returning customers.
  4. They give you an opportunity to address dissatisfied customers’ problems before they tell a zillion people about what they hated. And by doing that in public, you show readers how focused you are on customer satisfaction.
  5. The constant reminder that your customers are watching how you do business will make you a better business person.
  6. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes per site to set up, and then your customers will be helping you do your marketing.
  7. Listings will enhance your search ranking on Yahoo, Google and Bing.
  8. Links on your listings will direct traffic to your website.
  9. It’s easy to do.
  10. It’s satisfying. You know that you’re doing something that will have direct benefit for your business.

Here are some places your customers might be using.

Check, update or claim your listings. Keep a record of where you’re listed and check back to sites that don’t alert you when a review is posted. Most of the free listings don’t.

Ask your satisfied customers to put in a good word for you at one of the sites where you’re listed.

When you start seeing those positive reviews, quote them on your homepage and provide a link to the full review.

Insider Pages

City Search You’ll need to search for your business here, and if you don’t find it, there will be a link for setting it up, or a link for you to “claim” it as the business owner.

Yellowbot Again, search for your business and either create or claim.









Do you know of any other valuable review sites?

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