Follow the Facebook Rules To Set Up Your Business Page, OR ELSE!

by Joanne Steele on February 11, 2010


One of my clients and I have been back and forth for the past few days trying to figure out why her Facebook Business Page wasn’t working correctly.

The solution was all about following the Facebook rules, which she like many small tourism business owners, didn’t have time to study.

You MUST set up a personal profile BEFORE creating your business page. My client was anxious to keep her private profile and her business page separate, so she set up a completely different profile with no name, no friends, no nothing except an email address and password. This was where she set up her page.

Guess what, Facebook doesn’t work that way. Businesses need to be associated with something besides an email address. As soon as she filled out the profile associated with that mystery email, everything worked.

Remember, the purpose of Facebook is social, and they are only recently allowed business pages because a big part of our social interactions have to do with businesses we love and hate.

Also, it’s extremely lucrative for Facebook.. but that is a different conversation.

Facebook has ways to help you keep your business and private profile separate.

First, Business Pages don’t list administrators as Groups do, so your name does not automatically appear on your Page.

Secondly, you can go to your privacy setting for your Profile and set up who can see your Profile pages.

Remember, you have to approve everyone who wants to become a friend. But you don’t have to approve people who want to become fans of your Business Page.

If you don’t want those fans to have access to your personal profile, just select “Friends” or “Friends of Friends” in your privacy settings, and nobody but your approved friends will know that you’re addicted to Farmville!

For most small rural tourism businesses, you ARE your business, so be sure to insert lots of your own personality into your Business Page.

I hope this keeps a few more small businesses out of Facebook purgatory!

Photo by Anastacia Haddon – Check out Anastacia Haddon’s photostream

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