Google Buzz: One More Reason For Small Tourism Businesses to Appear on Google Place Pages

by Joanne Steele on February 12, 2010

By this morning, everyone with a Gmail account will see a new little icon in the left sidebar, the Google Buzz icon.

This is Google’s answer to Facebook and Twitter, with a new twist. Besides making it easier to connect with friends, post images and videos and view relevant interesting stuff, Buzz is revolutionizing instant mobile technology.

Here’s where small rural tourism businesses come in. I’ve posted about the importance of having a listing for your business at Google’s Local Business Center.

Buzz now makes having a Place Pages listing essential. With Buzz, people can access Google Place Pages with greater ease from their mobile devices. They can instantly find you, learn about you and then, through Buzz, instantly share their experience with friends.

Remember, Google Place Pages are the pages about your location or town that Google aggregates when people request information through Google Maps. The information on Place Pages comes from the Local Business Listings.

When I posted recently about Google Local Business Listings and Place Pages, I noted that the reviews are aggregated from all over the net.

I’m wondering if in the future reviews might not start coming largely from Buzz. We won’t know this for months, but right now is the time to prepare for this.

Here’s what I’d suggest that you do:

  • Get listed at Google Local Business Center – it’s free.
  • Let your customers know that you’re aware of Buzz. We’ve all see the little Yelp stickers in businesses windows to encourage people to do instant reviews. I’d suggest that you jump the gun and make yourself a “We love Google Buzz” sticker.  Like the Yelp sticker, it can encourage people to talk about your business on their mobile device.
  • Check out the sample below. If you like it, download a copy at window sticker, we love Google Buzz

Whether you decide to set up a Buzz account right now is up to you. I’m not going to go into “how-tos” because I’m not clear about the business benefit of having an actual Buzz profile, and that is what I write about.

The reality is that your customers are using Buzz and the result of their usage may hugely impact your business through Google Place Pages.

I know… yet another thing for an overworked small tourism business owner to do.

Next week I’ll get back to time management ideas on my Friday post to help you squeeze this in.

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