Email Newsletters for Rural Small Tourism Businesses – Why Bother

by Joanne Steele on March 15, 2010

I received an email last week, “I have a Facebook Page, I blog, I tweet. Why should I bother with one more thing… an email newsletter?”

Email newsletters are vital.

It’s the difference between calling your mother, and blast emailing your family and hoping that your mother gets online and reads the email.

Your mother is like your most loyal customers who care about you and want your latest news. The relatives, distant cousins, aunts and uncles etc., are the people who stop by your Facebook Page and blog once in a while to check up on what’s happening with you.

Call your mother! Send that personalized email newsletter that connects you with your most loyal customers!

If you missed, it here’s a link to how to Write Effective Newsletters Your Customers Can’t Wait to Open.

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