Time Management Tools for Small Business Owners

by Joanne Steele on March 22, 2010

Sorry for the difficulty reaching ruraltourismmarketing.com over the past 5 days! Trouble with my ISP that had the site llllooooaaadddiinnnnggg like a dial-up in the early 1990’s! It looks like it’s fixed, or self-healed – I never did get an explanation. Anyway, enjoy…

Eggtimer cartoonI ran across a time management tool that can help you achieve all your goals for the day.

It will keep you from getting sucked into hours on Facebook and Twitter.

It can help you remember that time spent reading every piece of email isn’t making you money.

It can get you off the phone in record time.

It will help you stay on schedule and on task.

Does such a time management tool exist??

Yes! It is little online egg timer!

How easy it is to get derailed after planning the perfect schedule for a productive day. And often the thing that gets us off track isn’t even very important.

It’s a phone call that we allow to go on and on.

It’s an email in our “active” file that tricks us into following a link… to a link… to a link.

My weakness is reading other people’s blogs. It’s educational and informative to read about the success of the bloggers who have done it for years and have figured out how to make a zillion dollars.

But two hours a day of that is like learning how to make money by reading a list of people who have won the lottery. My bad!

This little egg timer is a kick! It has the most obnoxious beep I’ve ever heard. After using it to time my email sorting and reading, and getting blasted out of my chair, I’ve been aversively stimulated to pay closer attention to getting it done BEFORE the end of the allotted time.

I set it as I was about to get sucked into a phone conversation I should have rescheduled for after my workday, and when the little bugger started shrieking, my friend suggested I get off the phone and call the fire department!

I’m going to use it for a week to see if it can help to reprogram me back to paying closer attention to my use of time.

This time management tool can turn your best time management intentions back into reality… or you’ll likely go deaf trying!

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