A Simple Thing You Can Do to Help Your Business AND Your Town.

by Joanne Steele on April 30, 2010

We know that over 70% of vacationers make their travel plans online these days.Google graphic

We know that whoever gets on the first page of a Google search gets the traffic, and being on page 2 to page 10,000 is as helpful as putting a billboard at the end of a dirt road.

If your business community works together, you can ensure that your town stays on page 1 for all relevant searches, turning those searches into clicks, and into visitors.

If you have a website, here’s what you can do now:

1. Check to be sure that you have a link  on your site to your town’s visitor oriented website. If you do, you’re already helping to create the search engine relevance that helps your town and your business.

2. If you don’t have a link, call your web master and ask him or her to put a link on your homepage. Do it today. (Read more below if you’re interested in the technological details).

3. Check your community’s website to be sure you’re website has a correct backlink. If it isn’t, get in touch with your chamber or visitors’ bureau and make that happen. Join if you need to, but get that backlink.

If you don’t have a website and you are a tourism business, get one, NOW!

Here’s why this is vital. Google has a complex, secret set of algorithms to determine the most relevant sites for each set of search terms that are entered. Those algorithms are more closely guarded than the recipe for Coca Cola, but SEO experts have spent thousands of hours analyzing searches to try to figure out the details.

What those experts have determined is that a vital component for establishing relevance is the number of websites that link TO a site, and how relevant to the topic each of those sites is. So, having every business in your town(all highly relevant to the town) link to your main visitor website will automatically turn it into an authority site for anything relating to tourism in your town.

Because your business website has a link FROM an Authority Site (YourTown.com), the Google algorithm gives you a little more “google juice” than you get for a link from some unrelated directory site (ie, a better chance at appearing on page one for relevant searches).

Taking it to the next level, if you make certain that you’re interlinked with every other business in your community, you are in a power position for any Google search for anything related to your industry and your town.

It’s so simple, anyone can do it, and it’s more powerful than an ad in a national travel magazine!

photo by Danard Vincente

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