How to Conduct a Sign Audit of Your Rural Tourism Town

by Joanne Steele on May 7, 2010

As promised in my recent post , “Good Signage. Helping Visitors Get Around in a Rural Tourism Town,” here is information about how to conduct an effect sign audit of your town or region.

Kudos to Anne Kokko and Thompson Rivers University for this great work, and for sharing the results.

The guide, “Conducting a Sign Audit,” will give you the “how to” specifics.  Anne has also created a detailed and useful Excel document that is referred to in the booklet for recording your findings.

If you would like a copy of this useful tool, please email me at, and I’ll email you a copy.

If you use the sign audit methods outlined in this material, I’m sure that Anne and Thompson Rivers University would like to know about your experience. Send them to me and I’ll pass them on.

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