Social Media: Rural Tourism Business Success by Losing Control

by Joanne Steele on May 19, 2010


When I talk to rural tourism business owners about social media I hear three major concerns:

  1. Privacy
  2. Time
  3. Loss of control of what people are saying.

To put it simply, I reassure them that:

Time – anything takes time to learn, and once it’s mastered, you can’t remember how you lived without it.

Privacy – If you use a credit or ATM card, subscribe to any magazines, ever use a search engine, privacy as we used to think of it is already out the window.

If you make a point of never publishing anything on a social media site that you wouldn’t want your best customer to read about you, you’re no worse off privacywise being on Facebook, Twitter and all the rest that before you set up your profile.

Loss of control – It’s already gone. Your customer has taken charge of your message already and is broadcasting it all over Yelp, Trip Advisor and all the other review sites. And that isn’t a bad thing. It’s part of this new paradigm shift we’re all trying to get used to. Check out this fantastic three minute TED video to be reassured:

Think of this as a roller coaster ride. Once you’re on you can’t get off, so you might as well enjoy the ride.

How did you get on this roller coaster? By starting your own small business! Go figure…

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