Is the Tourism Currents Social Media Training Right for You?

by Joanne Steele on June 7, 2010

I got an email the other day from Becky McCray, the brains along with Sheila Scarborough behind the new social media training program, Tourism Currents.Tourism Currents homepage

She asked if I’d like to be part of a small group of affiliates, helping her get the word about the second go around of this 3 to 6 month social media training program. I jumped at the chance and here’s why.

I talk to rural tourism business owners, small town redevelopment folks and rural chambers of commerce regularly, and for them (you) the Internet is a blessing and curse.

You understand how important it is to your town and your business.

You are trying your best to carve out a little time to learn about it and do something to add it to your marketing mix.

You’re often confused about what is the best way to approach social media.

For some of you, Tourism Currents will be the answer to your prayers.

I just talked with a  chamber president with one paid staff person and a bunch of volunteers in her visitors’ bureau office. He is an official techno-peasant, living very successfully without Facebook etc. But for his town, he needs help deciding on what to do in social media and getting his staff trained.

Tourism Currents is a great option for him and his workers. They can train together and all be pulling in the same direction.

I spent time with a chamber executive director working in a medium sized town who is tech savvy, but overwhelmed by all the social media options.

Tourism Currents will help people like her to sort through the options and make effective social media decisions.

I’ve talked to a number of small tourism businesses who are about to take my advice and hire a person to help them with their online marketing. They need to create a social media strategy to guide the work of this new tech savvy worker.

Tourism Currents will give them the skills needed to guide the work of their new tech savvy employee.

There are many more reasons to join this training which is designed specifically for tourism pros like you. Check out the details at Tourism Currents.

Becky and Sheila are aware that for many of you, this is your busiest time of year, so they roll out new material once a month, giving you lots of time to work through the lessons and videos.

They have an introductory program, two mini-courses and the whole enchilada for choices, so you will be able to sign up for something that fits you busy schedule and readiness to take the plunge into social media.

Yes, if you sign up using the links in this post or in the sidebar, I’ll benefit as an affiliate.

You’ll never see any advertising on this site that I don’t completely endorse and stand behind.  I’ll always work to make it a win-win situation. You get to hear about some really useful products and services for rural tourism folks and I get a little ka-ching to pay my Internet service provider!

Sign up, and let us know why you did. It’ll help other tourism pros to understand how this program can help solve their social media problems and concerns.

Anybody currently taking Sheila and Becky’s online social media trainings?

1 Sheila Scarborough June 15, 2010 at 9:00 am

Thanks very much for this wonderful write-up, Joanne! We’ll strive to be worthy of such a terrific recommendation, and we love your focus on rural tourism.

2 Jennifer Brooks June 9, 2010 at 11:34 am

Good job!! It looks like a great program.

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