Are Your Small Tourism Town Events Worth All the Work?

by Joanne Steele on July 26, 2010


Dunsmuir volunteers hard at work. Yes, it is beautiful here!

It was a big weekend in Dunsmuir, California. The annual Mossbrae Concert in our botanical gardens featured John Lee Hooker Jr., and the event drew visitors from as far away as Portland, OR and Sacramento, CA.

The answer to the question, “Are small town events worth it” is complicated.

I sat at my table passing out info about relocating to Dunsmuir looking around at the dozens of local volunteers who have been working on this for months, and the question came to mind… was it worth it???

Here’s what needs to be considered.

1. Is it a local tradition that everyone in town looks forward to? If “yes” then it’s probably worth it. End of evaluation.

More needs to be considered if the purpose is to attract visitors:

2. Is it putting heads in beds that wouldn’t normally come without the event?

3. Is it leaving your volunteer base energized for the next event or activity, or so depleted they have changed their phone number to keep from getting volunteer requests?

4. Is there energy, time and money left to promote your town the other 363 or 4 days of the year?

5. Did your committee get so involved in logistics that they missed opportunities to market the event, ie, was the committee too small to achieve your goal?

We’re lucky here in Dunsmuir. We have a number of wonderful annual events, each organized by a different group, and as with most small towns, there’s lots of volunteer overlap.

And, here’s info about our next event:

Ya’ll come to Dunsmuir September 11th for Big Brother and the Holding Company! Being that this is a known Vortex with Mystical Mount Shasta 10 miles away, we fully expect an appearance by Janis Joplin herself.

Here’s a past post about how to create an event marketing plan:

Creating a Marketing Plan for Successful Small Town Holiday Celebrations

How does your small town manage successful events? How many do you have each year?

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