Regional Marketing Idea: Cool Little Towns

by Joanne Steele on July 20, 2010

Five little towns in Alberta, Canada are marketing together online at a new website, Cool Little Towns. What a great name and what a great concept.

The site should entice residents of nearby Calgary to come on down the highway for several days of fun and exploration.

Here’s what makes the regional marketing effort work:

1. It’s a collaboration. It looks like one of these towns could perhaps attract visitors on its own – the others not so much. By working regionally, every town becomes a part of an overall attraction.

2. It prominently features a map and events calendar.

3. It doesn’t rely solely on events to promote the area. By having the list of categories of activities under the “experience” header, visitors are encouraged to come anytime and create their own adventures.

Here’s how this regional marketing effort could be improved:

1. The blog hasn’t been updated since April. That made me wonder if the site had been abandoned. Regular updates are more of a must that ever before. That’s why I suggest creating your whole site using WordPress rather than html.

Read more here:  Musings About SEO, WordPress and Thesis for Rural Tourism Businesses. Updating can be done often by anyone with the password and a few minutes of instruction.

2. Encourage links by linking to featured businesses rather than to an internal page about a business. For higher SEO, it’s those links from sites to yours that count. Give a link and get one back – it’s link love that helps everyone.

Read more:  Coordinated Local Tourism Marketing – How Your Small Town Chamber Can Help

3. Use all of Google Maps capability to create a customized tour map of participating cities.  Start the tour from the most likely source of customers – in this case, Calgary.

You can use the custom mapping features to show the tour starting in the nearest urban center and circling through your region, with attractions and the services of participating businesses featured.

Here’s a previous post about how to do that:  How to Create a Customized Google Map for Your Rural Tourism Website

Great start, Cool Little Towns!

Are you collaborating with any nearby towns? How are you getting the word out on the Internet?

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