Rural Tourism Marketing Tip: Pay Attention to Yelp

by Joanne Steele on July 1, 2010


In May, 2010 over 32 million people visited to read reviews and comment on their experiences in businesses all over the world.

Do you know what’s being said about your business??

Have you “claimed” your business on Yelp?

Have you taken a few minutes to add pictures, specials and coupons to your free listing?

Here’s why Yelp is so important to rural tourism businesses.

1. People are accessing it to make travel decisions. In a recent Yelp blog post, they shared data showing that during the week online usage goes up as people do their travel planning.

2. People use Yelp on their mobile devices when they are on the road. Data indicates that on weekends online usage goes down and mobile usage goes up. Once people get to your town for a visit, they are using their smartphones to check you out before they buy.

What you should do today to take charge of your Yelp presence:

Go to Yelp and “unlock” your business

At the top of their home page you’ll see search boxes you can use to search for your own business. If someone has already reviewed you, you’ll be taken to your business page and the review. Below the listing info in small letters is a link saying, “claim this business.” Click through and follow the 3 easy steps to claim or unlock your business.

Take a moment to update all information about your business, add pictures and list any current specials. Here are instructions to help you.

You’ll get updates from Yelp about activity on your page. Watch what appears and be ready to respond to your reviews. Here’s some information about posting an effective response to both positive and negative reviews.

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How is your business benefiting from online reviews?

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