Rural Tourism Marketing Tip: Save Money By Ditching Your Print Ads

by Joanne Steele on July 12, 2010

It’s heresy to say it, but current economic conditions are forcing the issue. Get rid of your expensive print ad campaigns and embrace new FREE options.

Your customers are turning away from anything paper as they make travel decisions and so should you. They are looking online for almost everything.

Your customers are even turning away from picking up paper visitors guides as they come into town. They are using their smartphones to make on the spot decisions about dining and attractions.

DON’T go backwards to the print advertising you gave up during the height of the recession. Your customers aren’t looking for you there anymore. Move on. They have.

Implement this Rural Tourism Marketing Tip Today

You’ll find your customers on one of the newest location-based applications using smartphone technology, Foursquare.

I was introduced to Foursquare recently when I was in Kansas. WenDee LaPlante with the Kansas Sampler Foundation was uploading info to Foursquare all day as we toured rural communities in south central Kansas.

Foursquare is a game. It’s a resource for Foursquare players looking for recommended services and attractions. It’s infectious and fun, and growing by leaps and bounds.

Becky McCray on Small Biz Survival has some good thoughts about making Foursquare relevant for small towns.

Claim your business on Foursquare

Here’s how:

1. Go to Foursquare’s help page and click on the FAQ’s re: business. Follow the directions and you’re on.

2. Add interesting “Tips” about your business, and add a coupon or special as well.

3. Note on your weekly or monthly “to do list” to go into Foursquare and update your tips and specials. Start out updating monthly while you’re getting used to this new online marketing task. Then increase your updates.

4. Set your profile so that you are notified when someone leaves a tip. It looks pretty easy to respond to tips you’re unhappy about by leaving your own positive upbeat tip. Keep in mind my past advice to keep your responses positive and mindful that “the customer is always right.”

Are you already on Foursquare? If so, what kind of response are you getting? Do you have a different location application you like – let us know about it.

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