Is Your Small Town Tourism Destination Featured on Trazzler?

by Joanne Steele on August 9, 2010

Be a part of a cool website whose mission statement is: ” Smart travel is active, not passive—and Trazzler thinks it can change the world.” I discovered Trazzler in my Google Alerts this morning and was thrilled to see a strong focus on rural, authentic, and unique. It ‘s about us!!!

Small town visitors’ bureaus are packed with good writers, and here is a chance to show your skills and help your town.

Visit Trazzler and read a few short descriptions of adventures. You’ll notice that they sound more like a fun entry in your travel journal than a paragraph from a travel brochure. That’s because they are.

Trazzler only wants short interesting posts written by the people who have had the experience. And, they want your own pictures.  You might even become one of their paid writers.

What could be better for a small town tourism operation with little or no marketing budget!

Rural areas all over the globe are featured, so you’re in good company when you begin adding info about your area to this site. This site is set up for travelers looking for authentic travel experiences.

Trazzler is a good example of interactivity in action.

You sign up and by picking favorite trips, you teach the site what to feature for you. It acts a little like a game where you “earn” miles with the prize being a donation to a cause any Trazzler would be proud to support.

Before writing and submitting, read the writing guide, and read about Trazzler.

This is exactly the same procedure you’d follow before submitting anything to a print magazine. The big difference is that with virtually unlimited space online, you have a hugely improved chance of your short article appearing on this site.

AND, it includes a link back to your website. We’ve talked before about the importance of links to your site, and the importance of links with authority. For a rural tourism or small town tourism destination, Trazzler can be considered an important link giving you a nice shot of Google search juice.

Have fun with this, and send us the link to your Trazzler articles in the comments.

1 Megan Cytron August 10, 2010 at 9:14 am

Hi Joanne–
Thanks so much for checking out Trazzler–you captured perfectly what we are trying to do. We are committed to small-town and rural travel–and see a huge potential for growth in this tourism sector. Please feel free to contact us any time at We love working with smaller tourism and visitors’ bureaus to create content, contests, and provide deals to our users. Here’s a big more about what we do with cvbs:


Megan Cytron

2 Joanne Steele August 10, 2010 at 9:44 am

Thanks Megan,
This is a great marketing opportunity for the many small rural gems that need more exposure to the type of traveler who will appreciate them most!

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