Use a Recent Study of RVers to Attract More RV Campers to Your Small Town

by Joanne Steele on August 16, 2010


A study of RV owners, conducted by the Recreational Vehicle industry, can help small towns and rural tourism destinations to attract more RV campers.

The study was commissioned to help sell more RV’s, but without paying a cent for it, small towns can use the information to tailor their marketing to attract RV campers!

Download the study here: RV Perceptions & Purchase Motivators: A Communications Planning Study

Here are just a few of the details about current RV owners that you can use in your marketing. Each of these results ranked very high among prospective RV users as well:

  • RVing provides an escape from everyday stress and pressure.
  • RVing allows you to be more physically active than on typical vacations.
  • Traveling by RV reduces exposure to illnesses and other health risks, because you avoid enclosed spaces with strangers, such as on airplanes, you also sleep in your own bed and prepare your own food.
  • Sleeping in an RV during vacation is more comfortable than sleeping in a hotel room.
  • Traveling by RV is safer than traveling by plane.

How can you use this study in your marketing?

1. Add a page to your website – Go RVing to _(your small town or rural region). Use the language directly from the study to talk about why. It’s tested language! It will work.

List good camping and RV sites in your area, dumping stations, places that service RV’s and any other info that would be useful to RV campers.

2. Talk about RVing on your Facebook page, and in all your social media. Again, use the language from the study. That study tells you why people go RVing. Connecting those concepts to your small town or rural region shows you’re the place to make them happen – feeling safer, more connected, more physically active, less stressed etc.

3. Feature a family RV vacation in your online image and YouTube video files. Idaho, US did it better than anyone else this year. Learn more at “What Idaho Can Teach Rural Tourism Businesses About Focusing On Your Ideal Customer.”

4. Make sure your RV parks are listed on all the online review sites and have claimed their Foursquare business site and Google Local Business site. It is so important to a whole small town, it’s worth the extra effort by your chamber to help these businesses get themselves updated online.

5. And make certain that your RV parks are well linked to your chamber site and to all the visitor services in town. It’ll give you all lots of search engine Google juice, and it will help RV campers to easily access info about your area.

How does your region reach out to RV vacationers?

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