What A Four Year Old Can Teach Small Business Owners About Facebook

by Joanne Steele on August 23, 2010

It works!!

Yes, that’s my granddaughter – a budding marketing genius and her profit from her first lemonade stand.

Think back to your first lemonade venture. For most of us, we needed a little cash, figured out something we THOUGHT everyone else would love since we loved it, got a “loan” from parents for supplies and set up on a street corner.

This pretty closely resembles what we repeat as adults who open micro businesses (employing 5 or fewer employees). We have a passion about something, figure out that everyone will love it too, so we open up, often with the help of family. We learn marketing and bookkeeping by the seat of our pants after the fact.

What Brooke and her lemonade stand teaches up is that Facebook and the Internet puts success within our reach. Part of being passionate enough about something to open a business doing it, is that we know who our customers are.

They’re other people who are also passionate about our thing, or who might become passionate about it!

The Internet helps us make use of this information to connect with exactly those people. We craft our message to make it easy for people to find us when searching using Google.

We show up in the places online where these people congregate.

We get into the online conversation about our passion, providing helpful, interesting information for people who will begin to trust us and seek us out when they’re ready to pay for the next step.

… and in Brooke’s case, it doesn’t hurt to be adorable.

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