Thoughts on Labor Day

by Joanne Steele on September 6, 2010


I just pushed the button on my first sales letter ever. I hope you received it and took the time to read it. If you didn’t I’m posting it online at Did the Recession Affect your rural business this year. Let’s talk.

It’s Labor Day, end of the traditional summer vacation season in much of the Northern Hemisphere. It’s also the day that many rural businesses assess their business success for the whole year and make the big decisions about the future.

This year, after a season that certainly proved to be better than last year, the hard decision for many small rural tourism businesses may still be whether it’s worth hanging on for one more year.

So much has conspired against rural businesses this year, with fewer travelers spending less money, difficulty getting access to loans, the transformation in marketing caused by the Internet, and just plain old fear for the future.

There is a bright spot, and I feel fortunate to have been spending the past year bringing you details about it. Yes, Internet marketing. The same thing that has been making you miserable trying to figure out how to use could be the thing that builds your future.

Take a moment to read my letter, and if you’re a “do it yourself” type of person, just read the back posts here at Everything you need to know to build your online marketing strategy is here.

If you need some assistance, give me a call or email me, 530-235-4404,, and, as the letter says, we’ll get you exactly the kind of help you need.

So, Happy Labor Day!

photo by Karen Horton of Flickr. Thanks!

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