Why Adin Supply Is a Rural Area Tourism Destination

by Joanne Steele on September 28, 2010

I’ve written before about how valuable your country grocery store can be to your rural area tourism industry. I rediscovered a real gem of an example the other day in Adin, California.

Adin Supply Company is a rural area tourism destination on Highway 299 in the middle of the little town of Adin, California. It has been continuously operating since 1906 as a center of commerce for the Big Valley. It’s clearly “hunter central” for Big Valley, and a great stopping place for Hwy 299 travelers.

The country store itself is a gem. You walk in to a museum, housing a modern grocery store, a meat market and a little of everything else.

Besides serving 299 travelers with well-advertised coffee and excellent road food, it is clearly the Big Valley rural area tourism destination. If you have any question about what attracts visitors to Big Valley, you only have to look at the store space given over to sporting goods, and the wall space to trophy game displays.

Big Valley knows it is a hunting destination, and Adin Supply Co. is there to help hunters have a successful hunting experience.

If you check out their website, you’ll see happy hunters showing off their local game.  If you’re a hunter planning a trip to Big Valley the Aden Supply Company website will reassured that everything you need is available in Adin… including good wine.

On top of that,  Adin Supply Company online realizes the value of quality interlinking with other businesses in their town.  They proudly link to all the other info hunter visitors might need when they are planning a trip to the Big Valley.

Adin Supply is totally focused on their identified tourism market. Their message is, if you want your buck (or goose) come to Big Valley, California and the Adin Store.

AND, if you’re traveling by on Hwy 299, stop in for coffee.

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