Regional Flavor Strategies For Rural Area Tourism Development

by Joanne Steele on October 12, 2010

Last year I wrote a series on the concept of Regional Flavor, a rural development strategy created by the Association for Enterprise Opportunity.

We all are looking for effective strategies for approaching rural development,. Thanks to AEO, there is a strategy that rural areas can adopt and implement rather than inventing something new and untested.

Here is a re-post of all 6 articles on this subject. Please, add your thoughts, comments and suggestions regarding these strategies.

The thing that appeals most to me is that it starts with communities just as they are. Communities learn to build regional collaborations to increase their market, rather than turning immediately to fancy expensive, often unpopular development projects to attract business and visitors.


5 Principles to Lay the Groundwork for your Small Town’s Rural Regional Flavor Strategy.

How Making Locally Owned Small Businesses Successful Contributes to a Regional Flavor Strategy

Your Small Town’s Unique Assets – Regional Flavor Principle #2

When Building Your Regional Flavor Strategy, “Network Weaving” is the Craft, Your Small Town is the Loom.

3 Ways Visitors Create Strong Emotional Bonds With Small Tourism Towns. Principle #4.

Rural Towns Are Prospering by Connecting to Nearby Urban Centers. Regional Flavor Principle #5.

1 Natalie Woodroofe October 25, 2010 at 9:04 am

Your readers may be interested in knowing more about the next iteration of our Regional Flavor work. After AEO’s project’s funding ended, several of us involved in the RF Learning Cluster formed Regional Flavor Strategies and offer consulting on this dynamic model. You can learn more at

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