What World Series Baseball Can Teach Small Business About Market Focus

by Joanne Steele on November 1, 2010

I watched both games of the World Series this weekend and, not being much of a baseball fan, I baseball, hot dogwatched the television ads.

On Saturday, I watched them with the sound off, and on Sunday I watched them with the sound on. Very instructive.

Today I trolled my way through my Google Alerts, finding all kinds of small town activities and events announced, and the difference was noteworthy.

Here’s the difference I noticed between World Series ads and small town activities marketing.

1. Whether it was insurance or soft drinks or anything in between, World Series ads were selling being loved, being connected to the people you want to hang out with, being hip, being a good parent, giving your child a leg up in the world (by having the right car) and generally having all our dreams come true by buying the right product from the best company.

2. Small Town announcements were selling trips to “historic places,” service club sponsored events, craft fairs, lighting ceremonies, extra shopping days, and special sales.

See the difference?

I talk endlessly about customer focus. These two marketing poles illustrate perfectly what I mean.

I recently had a person in a workshop grump that what he sold is what he sold, and the customer can fill in the blanks as to why. Lucky for him, he has a captive market… for now.

Do an advertising survey yourself.

Today, as you watch the World Series, look carefully at the commercials. For those of you who don’t get the World Series on tv, just pay attention to the commercials as you watch your favorite program.

Think about the underlying message in each ad. I know that the incredible power of this type of marketing makes some of you shy away from it, like my grumpy workshop attendee.

Luckily, you can use this powerful medium ethically. Think about why people shop during the Holidays.

It’s not about the stuff. Gift giving is:

  • To express love
  • To make someone happy
  • To have an authentic experience together
  • To give someone something unique that is exactly what they’ve always wanted
  • To harken back to some past happy time together.
  • To build memories
  • To delight and surprise

Look at how you’re marketing your town or your business’s small town Holiday experience.

Are you selling stuff, or are you selling the experience and the feelings?

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Thanks to permanently scatterbrained on Flickr for use of this photo.

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