Rural Business, Your Social Media Pains are Curable

by Joanne Steele on December 7, 2010

I spent time over the past few days reviewing more of the suggestions in Jamie Beckland’s post, 10 Cures for Your Social Media Pains and realized that most of these suggested cures won’t be of interest to you, my readers.Adin California coffee ad sign

You work with real people in your rural business everyday. You are trying to build an online marketing strategy that will allow you to spend more time with real people, not less. It should be an extension of the rural experience you share with your customers everyday, not a way of life.

In the process of looking for ways to help you cure the social media pains YOU are feeling I ran across Chris Brogan’s keynote address at BlogWorld last year where he stressed, even demanded that we bloggers get our heads out of cyberspace and look at real world marketing issues and how to solve them.

Thank you Chris Brogan!

The cure for your social media pains are simpler than you think.

The cure for your social media pains is to stop thinking of social media as something different from what you’re already doing!

The hallmark of successful rural tourism and the rural experience is that it’s REAL.

The food is real, and every order is a little different. The adventure is real with guides who are doing what they’re passionate about. The town is real, serving the everyday needs of the real people who live there and providing a rural experience for visitors.

You need to use social media these days to be successful. But, unlike Macy’s and McDonalds and GMC it can and should be nothing more than an extension of what you already do – real sharing of information, ideas, expertise and fun. It’s being neighborly in a huge new neighborhood.

Your pain is learning the technology and realizing that once you’ve buckled down and done that, it’s just business as usual – talking to people, helping them solve problems, giving them what they need and are asking for, and finally making that sale.

Yes, I’ve written about this in the past and will continue until rural tourism businesses and towns have taken over the cyber universe with effective, useful, fun social media presences….

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