How to Target Your Perfect Customer Like Facebook

by Joanne Steele on February 25, 2011

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I received notice of a free offer for an e-book on Facebook Pages the other day from one of the blogs I follow, Hubspot. It is incredibly useful and packed with so much information, I’d suggest that you click the link, sign up and download it.

The chapter, “How to Find Customers on Facebook” was especially interesting, because it reinforces what I have been stressing in my blog and trainings – In your marketing, focus on your Perfect Customer, not on your services and features. It’s not about you it’s about your customer.

How Facebook delivers advertising to people who will appreciate it.

The Facebook search function for their advertising is the most sophisticated on the web, and it’s probably giving those Google execs some heartburn.

Think about Facebook for a moment. We freely tell them all about ourselves. They have individual records of what music we like, what types of games we like to play, who we are “friends” with (which tells them a lot about shared interests and concerns), what worries us (we often join groups that are working on these issues), what we’re passionate about (again through our list of likes, friends and groups).

They are using all that information to so closely target advertising to us, many people don’t even realize that those little text boxes to the right of their Facebook Wall are ads! Facebook is doing this, and so is Google, but not in quite as sophisticated a way – they have to buy up a few more companies to get access to all the info about us that Facebook gathers daily within their own platform.

What small businesses can learn from Facebook.

When you take the time to zero in on your customer’s likes, dislikes, habits, worries, connections, interests and more, you are doing exactly what Facebook and Google are doing.

When you use the Perfect Customer Profile to market specifically to those one or two customer types who are most likely going to pay your bills and make you rich, you’re using this amazing, cutting edge model on a miniscule scale compared to these two giants.

When you know your Perfect Customer inside and out, you can effectively use Facebook to purchase cost effective advertising, or use their system to discover places your Customer is probably hanging out, and meet himorher there.

Who is your Perfect Customer?

If you‘re new to the concept of having and marketing to A PERFECT CUSTOMER, here is a link to last year’s free RTMG e-book, Marketing For Free in 2010. Download it, and read and fill out the Perfect Customer Profile. This is information you’ll use when you head for the Facebook Advertising link I’ll send you to later in the blog.

By acknowledging that this is the future, and beginning to use Perfect Customer Profiling for your small business, you will have made a decision to jump on the top of the wave rather than paddling along behind like most small businesses and even some late adopting large corporations. It’s so simple, and so profoundly obvious that this is the future of marketing.

When you zero in tightly on the characteristics, habits, interests and concerns of your Perfect Customer, you can use this information to find them online, capture their attention, build a relationship and make the sale.

Go to the Facebook Advertising Page, and click “create an ad.”(Don’t worry. Until you enter your credit card and push the “buy” button, you’re just playing.)

Create a fake ad. Play around with all the possible locations, likes and interests and demographics, and watch what happens to the numbers of potential viewers of the ad, in the right hand column. Even more interesting, note the additional “likes and interests” that Facebook suggests, that people expressing your identified likes and interests often also have.

You now know how valuable all the information you’ve been gathering about your Perfect Customer is. If Facebook says is valuable and useful, believe them, it is.

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1 Christi Wharton March 1, 2011 at 12:51 pm

So often, businesses think that “everyone” is their target audience because, of course, everyone would want their product or service. This article is a great reminder that we all need to concentrate on that “perfect customer” who is our target audience.

Doesn’t matter how many fans or followers you have if you can’t convert any of them into customers!

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