The Power of the Internet Fuels People Power in Egypt

by Joanne Steele on February 1, 2011

I have been writing for two years about the power of the internet as a business marketing tool.Egypt on Facebook

There is one reason for that power – the ability of ordinary people to share and receive information freely. This power has contributed to and in many ways enabled two amazing revolutions in the last month, Tunisia and now Egypt.

With my sister, a teacher in an international school, in the midst of the uprising in Egypt, I’m watching hourly how this transpires.

An unprecedented Egyptian governmental order to shut down the internet has resulted in young people finding other means to communicate via Twitter and Facebook.

They are circumventing the shutdown of local internet service providers. Google has helped by providing a landline phone number for people to use to reach social media.

Cutting cell service was threatened, but realization that the entire economy would be affected may have sobered the weakened government.

Physical roadblocks can be erected but cyber-roadblocks are being circumvented. That is the power of this amazing communication web that transcends all physical and political boundaries.

Back to watching up to the minute coverage live streaming on the internet via Aljazeera English.

Back to work on Friday talking about business marketing rather than marketing a revolution.


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