Help Us Plan Our Small Town Exploration Trip From California To Arkansas & Tennessee.

by Joanne Steele on March 22, 2011

Ed and I will be driving to Arkansas and Tennessee beginning early in April. I will be presenting internet marketing workshops for rural business owners in seven communities all over Arkansas and four in southwestern Tennessee.

I need your help.

We seek out little towns doing something special that other small towns should to know about and possibly of trip to Arkansas

As usual, we are planning a trip that will take us down the Blue Highways of the United States and through as many small towns as possible.

Places like Columbia Falls, Montana and their First Best Place project.

Or small business owners who are doing an exemplary job like Jack in Goldendale, Washington.

Or chambers of commerce that are doing a fantastic job of marketing or customer service like Enderby, British Columbia, Canada.

Our itinerary will take us through Nevada, the southwestern corner of Utah, Navajo country in Arizona, New Mexico from the northwestern corner to Albuquerque and on to Clovis.

We’ll go through the center of the panhandle of Texas, and much of southern Oklahoma before reaching Van Buren, Arkansas, location of our first internet marketing workshop on April 16th.

I love driving into a community without any advance knowledge or information and discovering local delights on my own.

But for this trip, we’re on a schedule. So we’re open to suggestions. Do you know of a small town along the route I’ve outlined, that is a must see?

Do you know of a business in a small town along that route that is so outstanding that others can learn from their best practices?

Please, if you do, leave a comment here. And those of you who are too shy to leave comments, drop me an email. The email address is located on my About Page.

Our return trip is open to suggestion.




1 Kathy Kieran March 28, 2011 at 6:51 am

It’s a little off your track, closer to waco than to Dallas, BUT, the City of Clifton, known as the Norwegian capital of Texas, is doing several innovative and important things. One, they are building a strong relationship with the leadership of Norway. The King of Norway is considering making a significant financial investment to locate an Norwegian language institute in this small rural community! In addition, Clifton is committed to a true community economic development planning process and are in the final stages. The committment of the community leadership and its citizens to work together to retain the chaaracter of the community while preparing for change is a model for all asmall communities!

2 Joanne Steele March 29, 2011 at 9:49 am

Thanks Kathy! I want to know more. It is this kind of creative, outside the box thinking that will save small towns everywhere. Plus, it takes a ton of volunteer energy – something we always seem to have in ample supply in rural communities – that is focused and energized.

3 Billy King March 22, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Check out our web site and also our face book: Bi gBlack Creek. We are a verysmall farming area in West Tennessee. At present we are hosting a exhibit from the Smithsonian called “Journey Stories.” We are the smallest place the Smithsoinian has ever put a exhibit, our population is 150 and we have had over 1700 visitors so far and have over 1000 still booked to come. Our other small town is Denmark, Tennessee the oldest town in West Tennessee, current population, 7.

4 Joanne Steele March 23, 2011 at 9:15 am

Thanks Billy! We’ll be giving 4 internet marketing workshops for rural business owners in your area during the week of May 9th. I’ve looked at your site and will definitely visit while we’re in Tennessee. Please let members of your organization know about our workshops. Daryl Phillips with Hickman County EDC is a good contact person for more info. See you in May!

5 Janice March 28, 2011 at 5:36 pm

Billy, The fact that I saw this because a friend had it in her reader cue and have friends in Denmark, TN is freaking me out a bit! I’m guessing you know the Tysons!

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