Both Hubspot & RTMG Say It’s Time to Transform your Marketing

by Joanne Steele on April 8, 2011

Hello from Tonopah, Nevada. We are on the road, traveling to Arkansas and southwestern Tennessee for internet marketing workshops in 11 locations, possibly 12.

Our plans to travel through as many small towns as possible has been a bit thwarted by the snowstorm going through Nevada, but the stop in Tonopah counts for our first small town.

Interesting downtown, friendly people, wifi hotspot in the Tonopah Station Casino. We’re in a hurry – that snowstorm is swirling around us.  I think we’ll suspend our small town search and head for Las Vegas! One night there should give us our fill of big city glitz.

But our trip is not what this post is about.

(picture to come when I have more bandwidth in Las Vegas…)


Late last week I did a radio interview with a station in Arkansas near one of the workshop locations.

One of the questions the interviewer asked was, “Why in internet marketing important for rural areas?”

I answered, “Because your customers are using it to search for what we have to offer in rural communities.”

I stressed that whether people are searching for a small town to relocate their business or a rural destination for a vacation, they’re using the internet.

And then, the next day, Milena Regos at Out and About Marketing posted a link on Slideshare to this Hubspot presentation.

It’s Time to Transform Your Marketing

Click through and be amazed! Here’s a preview:

79% of adult Americans are using the internet.

There are 10.3 Billion researches on Google each month!

The average user views 2750 pages per month.

There are 64 mindblowing slides, each giving you very good reasons why it’s time to take the plunge into internet marketing… and I don’t mean stick up a website or set up a Facebook business page and call it done.

I mean, making a commitment to learn about this amazing marketing tool, and begin using it to increase your business and make yourself more money.

If you live in Arkansas or southwestern Tennessee, check out my training schedule, and join us at one of the 11 locations.

If you’re anywhere else in the world, check out our new program, which will open this summer at Take Control of Your Internet Marketing.

Sign up to be one of the first to join this amazing learning environment, geared to meet the needs of busy, budget conscious rural business owners.

The snowstorm is catching up, so must go. See you Tuesday in Turkey, Texas.

1 Dan Tyre April 8, 2011 at 5:14 pm

Transforming marketing is for everyone – urban, suburban, rural and outside the US. The best strategy today is to have your best customers find you, rather than you find them. Google and social media make that easier if you pay attention. Its a great time to be an inbound marketer. Full disclosure: I work for HubSpot in the SMB division

2 Joanne Steele April 11, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Thanks Dan, and thanks to Hubspot for coining the phrase, “Inbound Marketing!”

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