Is Internet Marketing Worth the Effort?

by Joanne Steele on May 3, 2011

After two weeks of travel and presenting internet marketing workshops all over Arkansas, I’ve landed in Nashville for a few days of rest before heading to southwestern Tennessee for four more trainings next week in Centerville, Hohenwald, Wayesboro and Linden. Click here for the Tennessee schedule.

I’m delighted and gratified that my message of approaching internet marketing by taking consistent small, simple, doable steps resonated among attendees and the staff of the Arkansas Small Business Technology and Development Center.

My job here at and in my trainings is to take this overwhelming behemoth – the internet – and help people create an internet marketing strategy that they can tackle with reasonable ease while doing everything else that small businesses and chambers are responsible for.

There is still great resistance to change among small business owners. The internet looks to them like more hard work than they’re willing to tackle.

I ran into an article on a blog I read regularly that might help answer this quandary. Is Content Marketing Worth the Effort?

Yes, content or the style of internet marketing I teach is work, but that’s not the issue for small business owners and chamber people. Hard work is the reality for small business owners. I met two women in Van Buren, AR who put over 60 hours of hard work a week into their chambers.

The issue is whether the hard work is paying off.

Are you making more money?

Do you have more customers?

Is your town digging itself out of this recession plus the decades long downturn that has been plaguing small towns?

I have downloaded the free materials offered in this blog post by Copyblogger Media, and it is packed with good, useful information.

Hope to see some of you in Tennessee.



1 Andy Hayes May 12, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Travel safe – hopefully our paths will cross at some point 🙂

2 Joanne Steele May 13, 2011 at 3:04 pm

Thanks Andy! I’m sure we will!

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