Traditional Advertising: Use Call Tracking to See If It’s Still Working

by Joanne Steele on July 19, 2011


A longtime friend and small local business owner recently emailed me an SOS.1945 telephone operators

“Help!  I need to generate more late summer business for my new guided boating service! I’ve got pieces going in both newspapers, got radio on 2 stations.“

Fun Factory has been a very successful winter, snowmobiling adventure business, now expanding into summer activities

The owner, Michele, has also been successful selling advertising for one of our local radio stations, so no wonder she immediately turned to radio to help her solve her marketing problem.

Here is my suggestion for Michele and for you.

Find out if traditional advertising is really working for you.

If you, like Michele, are still spending money on traditional advertising, there is a way to learn if this is bringing you leads and customers, besides your “feelings” about it.

If your traditional advertising asks your customer to contact you by phone, this will work.

A call tracking service

Using a call tracking service like CallFire you purchase either local or toll-free phone numbers for a low price, and you pay a low per minute rate for calls to that number. Calls to the numbers you buy are rerouted to the phone that you already use and answer.

You include a different number in each of your advertising campaigns, and CallFire keeps track and reports back call data for each of the phone numbers.

Here is a video to explain how a call tracking system can help you track the effectiveness of different types of campaigns.

Call tracking used to be expensive when you had to go through a telephone company to set up those toll free numbers. Now, CallFire takes care of all the additional fees and taxes and gives you one low rate.

Finally, my recommendation to Michele and to you is, get busy on your internet marketing strategy.

You need to be where your customer is looking for buying and booking information, and call tracking is likely to prove that traditional radio and newspaper advertising isn’t working as well as it used to.

A comprehensive internet marketing strategy will bring you more customers and make you more money. Here are several posts to help you learn how:

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