Is Email Marketing Dead for the Millennial Generation?

by Joanne Steele on September 20, 2011

If you’ve ever tried to communicate via email with someone in the 19 to 30 age range, you might be a little nervous about email marketing.Groupon coupon holder

This age group fondly called Millennials or Generation Y are growing older every year, just like the rest of us, and the big question is whether they will take their addiction to social networks and disdane for email as something for “older people,” into the future.

A recent study conducted by email marketing giant, AWeber, indicated that for Millennials, social networks are definitely checked more often, but email is still important for certain things.

How to connect with Millennials

If your Perfect Customer is a Millennial, here’s what you can take away from this AWeber study.

1. Your dead in the water if you are trying to sell them something on Facebook.

Facebook is for social interaction and connection. Yes, they probably “like” their favorite brands, but unless something enticing appears on their own wall, they will probably never revisit a business page after liking it.  (watch for more about connecting socially with this group in future posts.)

2. They will subscribe to email notices and check their email to look for deals and coupons from their favorite stores, activities and brands.

This fact was repeated over and over in the study.

Unlike older customers who are concerned about spam or privacy, this generation is willing to sign up for your email newsletter in a flash if there is going to be something in it for them!

So have your email newsletter sign-up on your Facebook business page. And probably call it something besides “newsletter.” They want deals.

How to sell to Millennials

You know if you’ve read me for any length of time that I’m very big on connection and relationship building with your customer.

With Millennials, that mean social networks are your best friend to create that relationship that leads to sales. But don’t expect weekly adjective stuffed descriptions of what you sell posted on your Facebook business page, to reel this group in.

You might need to connect with them via your personal profile and create an actual relationship! Then, you can invite them to sign up on your business page for your email news to receive deals and coupons. They also love great images of people like themselves having fun.

Send out regular deals and coupons to your email list and use your social connections and Facebook business page to report how many people are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Remember when you’re talking to your Millennial “friends” on Facebook, you’re also talking to all their friends if both you and they allow things to be seen by “everyone.” Because of the reach, your time socializing with a purpose is valuable for your business.

Sites like Groupon and along with this recession has galvanized a whole generation to seek out special deals online. If you sell to Millennials, factor this need for a deal into your base pricing, and get busy offering coupons through your email list.

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