Time Management Tip: One Thing at a Time

by Joanne Steele on January 3, 2012



hour glassIt’s the New Year. We’re full of resolve… to be a better person, a better business person, a better marketer. The question now is how to get’er done. How to accomplish all those things on our “To Do list for 2012.”

Time management is not a new top topic here at RTMG. I outlined the dangers of taking on too much at one time a year ago –“Why Multitasking is Bad for Your Small Tourism Business.”

Let’s add at the top of that resolution list for 2012 to honor not only those good intentions, but the best possible way for us to accomplish them – one thing at a time.

Enjoy this simple, timeless message for the Venerable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, founder of Naropa University and the Shambala movement in the US.

Wisdom comes from many sources. This spiritual teacher died many years ago before MRIs and other brain research proved the reality of his teaching.

“Two things cannot happen at once: it is impossible. It is easy to imagine that two things are happening at once, because our journey back and forth between the two may be very speedy. But even then we are doing only one thing at a time. The idea of mindfulness of mind is to slow down the fickleness of jumping back and forth. We have to realize that we are not extraordinary mental acrobats. We are not all that well trained. And even an extraordinarily well-trained mind could not manage that many things at once—not even two. But because things are very simple and direct, we can focus on, be aware and mindful of, one thing at a time. That one-pointedness, that bare attention, seems to be the basic point.”

Happy New Year!

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