Part 2: Take Control of Your Understanding of Internet Marketing

by Joanne Steele on February 14, 2012

internet marketing graphicWhen I talk to small local business owners about their internet marketing I often hear their overwhelm and uncertainty.

  • “I know I need a better website BUT…”
  • “I just get a Facebook page up and along comes Google+!”
  • “There are just not enough hours in the day for Twitter and email and other social media!”

Last week in Part 1 I explained how Module One of Take Control of Your Internet Marketing will help you build confidence and take control of what is already being said about you online.

Today you will learn how the second module of Take Control of Your Internet Marketing membership program will help you “Take Control of Your Understanding of Internet Marketing.”

The internet and social media and websites and email marketing are so all pervasive these days that it’s easy to forget that they are tools.

They are not marketing strategies. They are not Goals. THEY ARE TOOLS!

Your business marketing goal is probably something like, “Get information into the hands of my customers that will move them to buy, or sign up or contact me for information, with the intention to buy.

For years we used expensive, imprecise Spray and Pray marketing techniques to accomplish this goal.

We sprayed advertising in as many places as we could afford and prayed that our customers would trip over it at exactly the time they were ready to take action.

Now, with the internet and all the social media tools at our disposal, we are able to use much more targeted and effective inbound marketing techniques.

The principle of inbound marketing is simple.

Customers are already online looking for the types of products and services you offer. Your job is to be where they are hanging out online, using the words (those keyword phrases you hear about) that they are using to search for the things they need and want.

Many busy business people are adopting the tools of inbound marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, websites, Pinterest, but unfortunately they are still using Spray and Pray marketing techniques!

They are spraying their message on as many social media sites as they can manage and praying that someone will LIKE them!!

There are two problems with this:

1. There is no mention of “liking” in our original marketing goal! That goal states that we want people to buy, sign up or contact with the intention of buying!

I was recently contacted by a business owner with 46,000 likers on Facebook whose question was, “How do I get these likers to buy from me??”

2. Managing Spray and Pray social media marketing is intensely time consuming. Managing a Facebook page and Twitter account can take hours every week.

Without an inbound marketing focus, you end up like the person with 46,000 likers and no customers!

In Module Two, we will walk you through the process of creating an inbound marketing strategy that starts with your key ingredient – Your Perfect Customer, the one who pays your bills, who you wish you had a hundred or a thousand just like.

You will identify your one, two, but no more than three Perfect Customer types.

You will uncover the words that she is using to search for the products and services  that she needs and wants.

You will learn how to decide where you need to maintain a presence online to reach that Perfect Customer.

You will learn a different way to approach Facebook that honors the close relationship that local business owners have with their customers, and saves you time.

The internet is a TOOL to get you in direct and intimate contact with that Perfect Customer.

The ACTION is to be where your customer is searching online for the products and services you offer.

The KEY is understanding your customer so well, that you are exactly where she is searching online.

It is simple and doable, and it’s what is covered in the Second Module of Take Control of Your Internet Marketing.

Watch for Part 3 in this series during the following week.

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1 Lorri Downs February 15, 2012 at 6:30 am

Morning !
We are a small organic farm in Central NH and have just started to use the internet more intensely to open ourselves up to the world. Your posts have a very helpful spirit for our business and I thank you for your efforts. I just wish I could invite you over for acup of coffeee and talk more!!!!
Thanks very much !
Lorri Downs
Longhaul Farm ~ Holderness NH

2 Joanne Steele February 28, 2012 at 2:19 pm

We love to take road trips all over the country, so will keep you on our NH wish list! Please check our Take Control membership site carefully. I think you will find the lessons useful in getting the most out of your internet marketing time. Organic farming is one of the most labor intensive businesses I can think of… almost as labor intensive as managing a social media presence!

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