Take Control Part 1: What is Being Said About You Right Now?

by Joanne Steele on February 7, 2012

Welcome to Part One in a series to introduce Take Control of Your Internet Marketing.

laptop balanced on a fingerFinally, the membership site I have been promising for nearly a year will be opening up.

Keep your eyes open for the announcement late next week before I head off to speak at the Center For Rural Affairs Marketplace Conference in Kearney, Nebraska.

By the way, if you are nearby, this conference will be well worth the trip to Kearney. Check out the Nebraska Marketplace 2012 speaker lineup here.

Plan to join me for the kick-off breakfast. My keynote, “It Takes a Village to Create and Sustain an Entrepreneur” will hopefully inspire everyone to look at their neighboring businesses a little differently.

It is our time, small town business owners and residents!

What can you expect from Take Control of Your Internet Marketing?

We have prepared a training that will give you clear instructions for implementing an internet marketing strategy that will immediately start showing results. And a sound understanding of the marketing principles behind your actions.

All this in short, simple, doable lessons that respect your time. And for now, it’s cheap – $4.99 a month. All who sign up now in our development phase will be able to access the materials at this low price forever.

Module One, Taking Control of What’s Being Said About You Right Now.

We start with the basics – the value of keeping Google happy (and the other search engines as well).

You have probably heard about SEO, search engine optimization and link building and all kinds of vital techniques for getting your business website on the first page for online searches. It’s overwhelming, hard to understand, and too time consuming for most small local business owners to do.

During the first week with Take Control of Your Internet Marketing, you will learn the easy way to get  good placement on search engines for searches of your industry and your town.  It’s the local business pages set up by Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s simple and doable , and as a member you’ll have it done and working for you after the first week!

You are already on the internet whether you realize it or not, and in this module we will help you take control of that.

It’s angering and frustrating to go to a review site and discover nasty reviews that aren’t true, and information about your business that someone else posted! With the rise of mobile technology and review sites, this is happening all the time.

Sunday night Ed and I visited a little Jamaican restaurant close to our digs down here in Southern California. We discovered it through a search on our IPhone. If we hadn’t just walked by it, we wouldn’t have known from the information online that it was open. No hours were posted!

Because mobile searches are among the most common ways people find what they need these days, that is equivalent to being open, but forgetting to turn the lights on and take down the “closed” sign!

Is that happening to your business? Do you know? Do you know how to find out? Those are issues we will cover in Module One.

Getting control of what is already being said about you, and making Google happy will make a huge difference in how you are discovered online, and the impression you will make on people once they find you.

That is why we started your adventure in internet marketing there.

You may have a Facebook presence. You may have a website. Those are vital tools for implementing your internet marketing strategy. We’ll get to those soon.

But Module One, “Taking Control of What is Being Said About You Now” is foundational. It is strategic. It will prepare you to better use those internet tools you already have. And for those of you who are starting fresh on the internet, Facebook, your own website and much more is coming.

Next week in Part 2 we’ll look at the difference between a marketing tool, ie Facebook and websites etc, and a marketing strategy. It’s the basis for Module Two, “Taking Control of Your Understanding of Internet Marketing.”

Yep! I’ve talked about these before on this blog. Now, I’ll show you step by step how to do it…

Another FREE, Powerful Tool to Market Your Business or Visitors’ Bureau Online

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1 Raymond Gravelle February 8, 2012 at 11:14 pm

I wanted to sign up but the sign up link didn’t work. Maybe because I’m on my tablet.

2 Joanne Steele February 14, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Thanks Raymond! I’ll figure out with AWeber how to solve this problem and I’ll get pack to you.

3 Lorri Downs February 8, 2012 at 5:17 am

THanks for this exciting opportunity. I have just become familar with your site and am very excited to join in the conversation.
Any chance a payment can be made by check through the mail?????
Thanks again !
Longhaul Farm
Holderness NH

4 Joanne Steele February 14, 2012 at 3:43 pm

Sorry Lorri. We don’t have a system set up to accept checks. Paypal is the safest online payment system around, so that’s why we use them, both to accept the recurring credit card charges or payments through your Paypal account.

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