Being Unpopular Is Your Best Business Strategy

by Joanne Steele on March 6, 2012


Another week passes by w/o talking about Take Control of Your Internet Marketing! How about just going there, reading and subscribing… I discovered something I just can’t help but share today instead of my third installment about Take Control.crushed coke can

Last week Sonia Simone at Copyblogger wrote about a new book by Erika Napoletano called The Power of Unpopular. You can read her post here: The 5-Part Recipe for Profitable Unpopularity.


Why Ever Would I devote a post to unpopularity on a blog that’s for struggling small local business people?!

Here’s why:  To have a successful small local business with a vibrant and successful internet marketing strategy, one has to embrace unpopularity.

You are in business to sell stuff, not win a popularity contest. This idea gets lost in the flurry of activity to amass likers and plus oners and followers and unique visitors and clicks and links and all the other drek we deal with everyday as part of implementing that marketing strategy.

You’d think we were all vying to win some kind of popularity contest, when in fact we are just trying to sell stuff!

Which gets back to you and your Perfect Customer – the one who pays your bills. The one who you need just a few hundred or a few thousand just like to be a total success.

In her introduction, Napoletano tells the story of sitting next to a lippy lady on an airplane flight, who notices that she is single (no ring) and posits that Erika’s tattoos probably “ kind of limits the dating pool for you a bit.”

Erika’s response? “Only to those men I’d be interested in dating in the first place.”

Her message in this book to you? Why care about the people who you would be unpopular with anyway?

I talk incessantly about identifying and marketing to your Perfect Customer and forgetting everybody else.

That is what Erika Napoletano writes a whole book about – get an excerpt by going to Unpopular and filling out the form.

Sonia Simone gives you a few juicy bits from the book in her blog post with the link above.

It is not an easy concept. I hear objections to the idea of a “Perfect Customer” all the time from people who are certain that if they just market hard enough in enough places they will be popular with everybody.

It just ain’t so.  Just ask the folks at Coke… or Pepsi.

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photo on flickr by Brenda Gottsabend


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