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by Joanne Steele on March 27, 2012

Today I want to introduce you to Pinterest, the latest, hottest social networking platform on the web.Pinterest logo

If you are leery about Twitter and exhausted by the demands of Facebook business pages, Pinterest might be just the ticket for hanging out and getting into the true spirit of social networking.

You’ve heard that social networking is about “creating relationships,” and for some of you, it’s hard to see that those posts on your Facebook business pages that nobody comments on are doing your business any good!

Try Pinterest and forget about Your Business!

“What?!” you say.

“I can’t forget my business,” you shout. “I am my business!!”

And that, my dear reader, is just my point.

Pinterest is an opportunity for you to use a social networking tool for the sheer fun of it… and oh by the way it might just work to create those relationships that will help your business.

But, the major reason to use Pinterest is because it’s fun and oh so easy!

How many times a day to you come across something you’d love to save, because it’s useful, quirky, beautiful or just plain interesting.

Pinterest allows you to do that , and to visually share your finds by posting or pinning the images or videos you find onto your pinboards. Pinboards are collections that share a common theme.

Pinterest is available by invitation only right now.

Don’t understand why, but it is. To join, go to and request and invitation, or email me and I’ll invite you. You’ll be asked to join using your Facebook profile or Twitter account.

Because you are your business to your customers, using your personal Facebook profile to join is just fine. Pinterest doesn’t allow use of the Facebook Business page yet.

Everything you pin will be associated in your customer’s eyes with your business, so you’ll get the relationship building boost that social networking is all about, and you’ll have a great time playing on Pinterest.

Go to my account at and you’ll see that right now I have three pinboards, “Cool Ideas to Save Small Towns,” “Images that Knock my Socks Off,” and “Amazing Off the Wall Ideas.”

Because Pinterest discourages self-marketing, you’ll notice that there isn’t any shameless attempts at getting you to buy anything from me. But people who see my pins, either on my Facebook page or on Pinterest have a better idea about who I am and what interests me.

Know me, know something about my business.

You can go to Hubspot and download their ebook, How to Use Pinterest for Business, which will give you specific information about crafting pins and messages to enhance your Pinterest presence as a marketing tool.

One good way is to include, wherever appropriate, links back to pages on your website in your comments about your pins.

For me, I love Pinterest just for the sheer joy of having somewhere to store some of the wonderful things I come across while surfing the web. And just being there has already connected me with prospective customers for Take Control of Your Internet Marketing.

Let me know if you need an invitation and have fun! This is the least demanding, must enjoyable social network I’ve discovered.


1 Karen Ballard April 16, 2012 at 12:47 pm

Joanne, thanks for this lovely article. I’ve been thinking of writing one quite simular for my blog to our tourism grantees. (Others read it of course but it’s for our CVBs and Chambers and other organizations that apply to us for marketing grants for tourism.) Would you mind if I imbeded this post into my next post to give them a heads up on Pinterest as well as your blog-with full credit of course? I think you wrote this so well and enthusuastically that it would be better if I kept this intact rather than just refering them to the article strait away. I’ve never invited a guest blog but here’s an article from last year that will give you an idea of the blog
Thanks for your consideration, Karen

2 Joanne Steele April 17, 2012 at 2:07 pm

Absolutely, and readers, do visit the Idaho tourism site to see how they are using video this year! Remember that wonderful family vacation video I touted in the past? This does that one better by a long shot!

3 John Robinson April 9, 2012 at 7:33 pm

Thanks for a great article, we are only just getting started with Pinterest however we are hoping that more traffic and therefore leads/sales will follow.

4 Joanne Steele April 11, 2012 at 3:35 pm

Good Luck John! I think Pinterest has a bright future. It’s more fun than Facebook and maybe even more addictive.

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