Why Small Local Businesses Are Better At Facebook Than Big Business

by Joanne Steele on April 10, 2012


Social Media is making life difficult for big brands. Big business is used to ad campaigns that move public opinion in massive ways – million dollar Super Bowl ads and extravagant events to roll out new product lines.

Social media is about moving one person at a time to take one action at a time that at some point may lead to a sale.

show owner and customer

How many customer friends do you have?

AND, Big Business is stuck with a BUSINESS PAGE with limited bells and whistles, where they have to somehow ENTICE a prospective customer to visit! They have to beg for some kind of interaction with that page if anything they post is going to be seen by anyone but Facebook’s EdgeRank spider!

And they can’t throw a bucket of money at it to make it work better. It still comes down to moving one person at a time to take one action at a time that at some point in the future may lead to a sale

Facebook and social media were made for small local business for 3 reasons:

1. You only need a relatively small number of customers to be successful.

Getting customers one at a time is the very basis of your marketing! For you, customers are PEOPLE. For big business they’re part of a DEMOGRAPHIC

2. You and your employees are used to building personal relationships with your customers.

You may have regular customers from your small town who you see often. Or you have a tourism related business where you serve customers who, because of their positive experience, tell their friends or return themselves again and again.

3. You don’t need to feel stuck with a business page, waiting for customers to find you and like you!

You are your business and your customers are your customer friends!

You can seek out those customer friends on Facebook and interact with them through your Personal Profile. You can friend them. You don’t have to use enticements to a Business Page such as deals, discounts and promises to get anyone to like you. It’s just you and your customer friend interacting on Facebook about your common interests.

With Facebook’s lists and  privacy settings it’s easy to segment your customer friends from your family and personal friends.

You must remember, blatant advertising is not appropriate for your personal profile. People hate it and it’s against Facebook’s terms of service..

When the urge to advertise a sale or market a business event on your personal profile is too great, it’s time to create a Business Page. And by then you’ll have a nice sized following of customer friends you can encourage to rocket on over to your business page to like you and pick up the business related announcements.

Need more help figuring out how to build a Facebook presence for interacting with your customer friends? Mosey on over to Take Control of Your Internet Marketing. It’s part of Module Two, which you’ll get to after you conquer Google and learn how to manage review sites in Module One.

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