Bipolar View of the Internet for Small Local Businesses and Rural Tourism.

by Joanne Steele on May 1, 2012

I discovered this infographic today.  I’ve spent so much blogging time today thinking about it that I decided to share my thoughts, which run in two different tracks for small local business and rural tourism businesses.

UPDATE: 12/12/12 – The infographic discussed in this was removed by Forensic Psychology – they were having Google problems. Please go to to view it. You can open it in another tab and refer to it on Mashable as you read my thoughts…

Track #1. We shouldn’t be trying so hard to multitask.

Track #2. We really do need to show up prominently on the internet since so many people are addicted to it.

1. The multitasking thing…

The internet and internet marketing is a real pain for small local business owners, including rural tourism businesses.

It’s free, so we should be using it. But it’s time consuming to do a good job so we don’t.

Our customers are there.. somewhere so we should. But since we don’t know where, we feel guilty if we’re not everywhere.

We know there is something to this internet marketing – all our customers seem to be coming in talking about seeing us here or there online and doing things on smartphones. But it’s not like the traditional advertising we’re used to and we don’t have time to find out.

We got it.. Facebook. But then along comes something new we’re supposed to be doing too!!

As small local business owners, we’re already frying our brains trying to do too much, and along comes one more thing that could spell the success of failure of everything – the internet!!

2. The “Our customers are there so we need to be too” thing…

People’s memories are being fried, but if you figure prominently on Google, you’ll show up when they ask for you. 8 hours on Facebook a month each!?!

The thing you can’t do in response to this infographic is ignore the internet. It’s your key to prosperity, and it’s not all that hard to master.

Big businesses that are used to handling marketing and customer service using massive systems are in a fluss. They’re not used to dealing with people one customer at a time, but you are.

The internet is just a different system for doing with you already do – serve people and their needs one at a time, relying on their good will for much of your business and handling their issues and complaints person to person.

The major takeaway from this infographic for small local and rural tourism businesses is to rethink multitasking –

It’s a myth that we get things done faster when we multitask. Reduce your stress by working with your brain rather than against it.

Another takeaway is that it’s time to become proficient in internet marketing – not Facebook, or that silly website you hate, or even Pinterest, but internet marketing.

By tackling this vastly different approach to marketing, you’ll reach more customers, reduce your stress and have more time. Guaranteed.

Check out Take Control of Your Internet Marketing. It’s designed to make you an expert using the small, focused, simple and doable steps you have time to complete.

So, your customers may forget you … but they’ll always be able to find you again… online.

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1 kim May 5, 2012 at 9:54 am

I don’t agree with this “Google replacing memory” assertion. Would need to see some objective data about that. I feel that googling EXPANDS my knowledge – my memory, in other words. It’s like “I wonder what objective means, precisely…then I google the definition, then I click to an explanation of the difference between subjective and objective then I get sidetracked into an interesting online quiz about Information Literacy, then….”

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