Support For a Better Farm Bill is Support For Rural Small Business

by Joanne Steele on October 31, 2012

All rural small businesses need to get behind lobbying efforts to demand a better Farm Bill from Congress.

Center for Rural Affairs in Nebraska is again leading the way in educating the public and taking our rural development concerns to Washington.Center for Rural Affairs logo

Why is this important to every small business in every rural community?

The Farm Bill includes important funding for microenterprise development and microenterprise is the life’s blood of rural development. If you are a small business with fewer than 10 employees, you are a microenterprise. Looking at all the businesses in your community, you’ll realized how important microenterprises are to the future of your town.

Think of those empty storefronts and business spaces in your town. Who will most likely fill them? Microenterprises started by microentrepreneurs.

Where to microenterpreneurs get the help they need to build a successful business? From associations and centers that get much of their funding from government grants.

How to those grants get funded? From things like the Farm Bill!!

We small rural business owners who are not farmers may have ignored this important piece of legislation, thinking that it only serves farmers. Following news about the Farm Bill may lead you to assume that agribusiness is the big winner and small businesses and small family farms are forgotten.

Thanks to Center for Rural Affairs and their partners’ lobbying efforts, the current Farm Bill could include funds that will help the organizations that are trying to help your town overcome this recession and get those empty buildings again filled with successful businesses.

You can’t sit out this one. It will take the voices of every small rural business owner to get Congress’s attention.

Go to The Center for Rural Affairs and sign the petition.

Learn about what has been happening with the Farm Bill by going to the CFRA website and reading past articles that detail its progress through the Senate and on to the House.

This is really, really important for rural communities. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, if you’re rural, this is your issue.

Join me in signing the petition and help Center for Rural Affairs to help all of us.

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