What Small Business Needs to Know About Retaining a Happy Workforce

by Joanne Steele on March 29, 2013

Berryvale Mt. Shasta employeesHappy, engaged, committed employees are something that every small local business wants. Few seem to achieve this to their satisfaction.

And many blame their lack of success on the fact that they can’t pay enough to achieve their workforce goals.

 But big companies are demonstrating that a happy workforce isn’t always about money.

Big companies like Google and Zappos get lots of attention for some of their more unorthodox employee benefits including free food, and creating office traffic patterns that cause more interaction.

At their core, many of these benefits point to a value that any small business can successfully copy: valuing the contribution each employee makes to the success of a company.

Apple and Zappos give their customer service employees lots of leeway to instantly serve the customer’s needs without checking with a supervisor.

Google gives their highly creative workforce huge blocks of time to work on their own ideas and projects.

In a recent article I published at Take Control of Your Internet Marketing I talked further about this. What a Local Business Can Learn From Google About Employee Retention

Since many of you are not signed up to receive updates from Take Control, I thought it was worth repeating here. Consider signing up – I blog there weekly and the posts are always relevant to small local businesses.

For those of you working for micro enterprise associations, how can you improve your business training services to help local businesses think differently about how to value their employees?

Think about how a small town would benefit if every business valued their employees the way Berryvale Grocery in Mt. Shasta values theirs…

Read more about Zappos here:

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