What Lawrence County Tennessee Tourism Can Teach You About Using Facebook

by Joanne Steele on May 13, 2017

Are you struggling with how to use Facebook?

You know you’re supposed to be “social” and do more than plaster an occasional announcement up on your wall. But what?? And when?? And for heavens sake, WHY???

Joanne Steele and Gail Hughes

Gail Hughes and Joanne Steele. Two internet geeks… the next generation!

Let me introduce you to Gail Hughes from Lawrence County, Tennessee Tourism.  Gail knows how to use Facebook to connect with customers and build relationships.

Gail attended the internet marketing training I presented in Waynesboro, Tennessee, and I quickly realized that she is an expert capable of taking all her neighboring VB’s to new and more effective heights of Facebook usage.

When you go to her Lawrence County Facebook business page, you’ll see Gail doing some of the typical stuff  – announcing events and activities.

And you’ll also see her yucking it up with some of her “likers” about availability of Amish strawberries.

She and her 2178 likers are social. There are comments, responses, visitor information, local information (which visitors also like), fishing reports, happenings in neighboring counties and much more.

When I spoke to her about her remarkable dedication to her Facebook page, and her willingness to cross promote other areas, and many local businesses, her response was, “Each hand washes the other.”

I hope all the neighboring communities realize the value of Gail’s efforts!

You’ll note that this is not a fancy, extensive business page with splash pages and videos and fancy graphics. It is about Gail communicating with her 2178 followers and friends.

And, they are probably conveying some of that info to their friends who talk to their friends…. That’s how something goes viral!  And that’s how Gail increases visitorship to Lawrence County, Tennessee!

Lawrence County Tennessee Tourism is social with the people who LIKE them.

Gail also assured me that only part of her time is spent updating her own business page. She understands that being social means getting out and visiting those who have liked her. She makes it a point to visit her own likers and leave comments on their business pages and profiles, just as she hopes they will leave comments on hers.

Gail is a very personable, social gal, and her Facebook business page is an extension of that small town sociability.

As I say in the internet marketing training regarding using social media to market your small business… “If you are going to do it, DO IT… like Gail Hughes!”

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1 Herb Lawrence May 14, 2011 at 7:05 am

Thanks for sharing Joanne! Enjoy following your adventures across the south. Just finished a workshop with rural businesses in Lawrence County, Arkansas and discussed Facebook most are newbies have sent this to them as a great example of how they can use social media effectively. Thanks again

2 Joanne Steele May 18, 2011 at 6:36 am

Hi Herb,
Watch for my next post re: Facebook – this Friday. “How Facebook is like your Rotary Club.”

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